Over the past week, I finally choose what my project is going to be. It made me feel happy because I am going to learn new things especially more in gaming and it also made me feel nervous because I am not sure if the finished game going to be good. I learned new projects that I can do at this genius hour. I had a lot of choices to choose from and the challenged that I faced is having a hard time choosing. I had overcome that challenge by choosing what I think I really wanted to learn more at it in this coming few months. As from this moment, nothing failed yet. In the future I just expect that I will made one video game. I made my proposal at PowerPoint. My big idea is to make a computer video game. I am doing this because I want to learn something different and video games kind of interest me right now. I want to learn more about it. These are the list of task that I need to get done.

  1. Find a computer software/program that making video games for free.
  2. Learn how to use it.
  3. Think about what type of game I want to make
  4. Start making my own video game.

Last Monday I tried a new computer software. I look at its graphics, controls and the many more things needed to make ca video game. I learned a lot of new things. I feel happy because I finally started on my project.

PROPOSAL → genius-hour

genius hour 2.jpg




  1. What happened over the past week(s)…Talk about your learning about Genius Hour.

Over the past week, we talked about Genius Hour, I learned that you can start from small ideas and it could change the world. I also learned your ideas might be shallow to you but for others it is genius.

  1. How it made them feel (yes I want a feeling and why you felt that way).

In the video in Ted, the guy talks about the 30 day challenge. It made me feel inspired about him telling that you can start from small things about what you want to do and do it for 30 days.

  1. What they learned, what challenges they faced,

He learned new things about stuff and he faced some challenges like getting stuck in a place or staying late at just to finish his novel.

  1. How they can overcome these challenges

He keep trying and researching new things.

  1. What failed (if anything) and why this happened.


  1. What they anticipate in the future.

To try something that can change you or the world

  1. What are your ideas for Genius Hour at this point?

I’m thinking of making a video game.

In this week I learned more about Genius Hour and other things that I can do and try in this project or in the near future.genius-hour


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