Blog #3

Over the past week, I worked on my video game project. It made me feel happy because I already learning more about the software that I am using. Therefore I also feel stuck and confuse because I still haven’t decided what type of game I will work on in this coming few months. I learned that it is easy to learn new things like the program that I am using called “play canvas” if you’re interested. The challenges I faced is where I feel stuck in one place. I will overcome these challenges by looking at my options and keep trying new things. As from now, nothing failed yet. In the future, I expect that I will finish my project on time. Yesterday I learned more about the program the program that I am using. I learned how to use it more effectively and time wisely. The one important thing I learned in class Monday during genius hour is you need to learn more about the tools you have to make your project easier and more creative.


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