BLOG # 4


Over the past week I decided to work differently at my genius hour. It made me feel sad because I decided to use a different program for my video game. I also feel happy because I have finally decided what type of game that I am going to create and it will be a story type of game. I learned new things about the new program that I am using like how to code and how to create characters. The challenges that I faced are deciding of trying a new program and finding the type of game that I really want to create. I overcome these challenges by really thinking of the program that will actually will help me to make the video game that I wanted. The first program that I use named Play Canvas failed because it is not the type of program that I really need. It’s an advanced program that really takes a lot of time to learn and when I am learning it, I realize that it is not what I need. In the future I expect that the new program that I use will help me a lot in my project. Yesterday I learned new things like how to create a game in a different way in different program. And I also learned more about coding. The possible problems that may happen in the future is having the wrong coding and might be lacking of ideas. To avoid these problems, I will study more about coding and ask or search for more ideas.


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