Over the past week I worked on my Genius hour. It made me feel sad. I need to restart again because the game that I worked on for so long didn’t reload so I made me do it over again. I learned that you should have a backup plan if something went wrong. The challenges I faced is when I have to redo my project having limited amount of time left. I am going to overcome these challenges by putting more time and effort to it so I can catch up. My first video game failed because I think the program that I am using had an update and it affects my project so I can’t open it anymore and I had to restart. In the future, I expect that I will finish my project on time. Yesterday I learned two things. First, I learned that I should have back up plan like what happen to my first video game. Second, I learned more about the software that I am using like the coding and the controls which I hope it will make me work faster. The weakness point on my project is right now I got lesser amount on time to work on my project. The strength point on my project right now is where everything that I started again is going well so far.


gamefroot 7


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