Blog #8


Over the past week I worked on my Genius Hour project. I worked so hard because I need to catch up. It made me feel happy because I think this new video game is better than before. I learned new things like how to make the background stuff move so my game will look more realistic. The challenges I faced is when the website always stops and not responding when I add more features in to it. I don’t know why it’s happening but I what I do is I just save it every minute so all my work will not go into waste. If something failed I think that when the program is not responding and the work that I didn’t save will be gone and I need to do it again. In the future I expect that my video game will be more realistic like most video games. From yesterday I learned new basic things like giving life to the stuff that usually are not moving. I also learned more about coding. As I am working on my own/alone the positive thing about it is you can follow all your ideas. If you want to change something, you can do it anytime. You don’t need others approval for it. Basically, you can do anything and it’s all up to you. The negative about it you working slower than people in groups. But it still depends on your own projects. The other bad thing about working alone is if you run out of ideas you might get stuck while being with others, they can share they own ideas that will keep their projects moving.




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