Blog #9

Over the past week, I worked on my video game project. I think my project is 70% percent finish. It made me feel happy and excited to see the finish product of my project in the future. Yesterday, I learned more about coding which I put script on the enemies of the player. The challenges I faced is where the program that I am using keeps stopping and not responding. What I need to do is to refresh it and the latest works that I did will not be save. I overcome these challenges by pressing the save button every minute or every time I put something new. So far nothing failed yet. In the future I expect that my project will be good. I learned a lot yesterday. Like I discover more of coding which is really hard. I also learned more about the program that I am using. They have different layers for each stuff and the stuff will not work if you will put them if you put in the wrong layers. The problem in my Genius hour project is when the program stops responding and I need to do it again.


gamefroot 9


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