Blog – #10


Over the past week, I worked on my Genius hour. I am almost finish on my game and the only missing is the sound effects. It made me feel happy and proud because I can see the progress of my work. Yesterday, I learned about coding because I had a problem on my game. The challenges I faced is where the Teleporter in my game is not working properly and it keep going to the other places so I need to change all the codes in that object. I overcome that challenge by spending 30 mins changing codes to make it worked the way I wanted it to work. After many trials, I figure it out and it finally works. So far nothing failed yesterday. In the future I expect that my game will be good. Yesterday, I learned how to be patient in my coding. It’s really frustrating because it took a lot of my time and effort to figure out how to make a single object (teleporter) to work properly. If I could change something in my project, I will change nothing.  As I keep doing my project, great ideas keeps coming and it fits on my game. I like my game how it works right now.




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