Blog – #11

Over the past week, I worked on my Video Game. I worked on the level 2. It made me feel happy because I finished the first level. I also feel confident about the level 2, I think it will be easier to make because of the experience I had in the first one. I learned that I can use all the things that I learned in making the first level like the script, layers, codes and many more. The challenges I faced is where I am thinking about making the level 2. I thought that having level 1 is enough and I might not make the other level because of the time. I overcome these challenges by stepping forward and just do it. I also decide that if I need more time in the future, I will just use my time at home at my computer. Yesterday, nothing failed. In the future, I expect to finish my project on time. Yesterday, while I am doing the level 2, I learned that sometimes you have to take the risk even though you are not sure if you will make it or not. My seatmate Katelynn tried my game and said “One positive thing about this game is that the game is difficult enough and not easy to pass through, which makes the game more fun and exciting. One area for improvement is after the teleporters my character spawned in the floor, and I had to jump out, instead of already being on level ground.”


blog 11.PNG



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