Blog 14


Over the past week, I worked on the level two of my genius hour project. Currently right now I am working on the lava place which I think it will be the part where it is close to the finish line. It made me feel happy and excited because I am close to finish this project. Yesterday, I didn’t learn something new but I hope in the coming days I learn something I need to learn before I finished this game. The challenges I faced is sometimes the new object I put on the draft doesn’t appear in the actual game but I keep changing and fixing it. Other than that, there is no big failure happened yesterday. In the future, I expect that my game will be fun to play and people will enjoy. Yesterday I keep working on my game and I add a lot of new object to make it more realistic. I am also inspired to do my worked yesterday because I can I imagine what the outcome of this project could be. I think the cause of my project that turn out in this way is when I decided to use this different program named Gamefroot. Gamefroot is really different from play canvas which I used at my first project. Suddenly, Gamefroot change the type of game that I want to make and right now I really love what the outcome of my project.



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