Final Blog – June 20


My final project is a video game. It’s in 2D platform and it is action shooting type of game. In making this project, I use a software named Gamefroot. In Gamefroot, you have a lot of choices which made my game unique. My first choice in my video game is a 3D type but at that first week, I realize that it is harder than I thought. On the second week of my genius hour project, I searched different types software that are making game and then I found Gamefroot which is 2D game maker. Starting that day, I made my video game project on Gamefroot. In my final presentation, many people tried my game. Some of them got pissed because they keep dying. But I am happy seeing people really trying so hard for a game. I had a small problem on the last part of my project but I fixed it quickly in the library. I would rate my presentation skills 3 out of 5. Because I think I am at the middle. I approach people but I think I could still improve on that. My strengths is where I am comfortable showing my project. I think I can still improve on talking more and inviting more people on my project. I ask some people to play my video game. People reactions a first is excitement. They are excited to try it. But at the end they are kind of angry/pissed because they keep dying and losing. They didn’t had questions about my project. I agree with the statement of Genius hour has taken me further than I thought because it made try new things. My evidence is right now I have my own video game. I think this project went well and it is more than I expect that I can do. Having one block a week is actually a lot of time than I think if you are going to use your time wisely. At this project, I changed a lot of things as my time pass by but the more things I changed, the more learning I get. I think the entire genius hour project is a really good project because you can choose what to learn. What I like the most about Genius Hour is you could choose what you want to worked on and you could express your own ideas. If I had a chance to start over, I wouldn’t change anything on my project. In my opinion, we could improve genius hour by making Monday and Tuesday a genius hour project time.


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