Computer Animation – Patterns – Geometry of dinosaur skin

Today I learned how the geometry behind the creation of dinosaur skin. I created a model of a dinosaur skin using a Voronoi partition. Voronoi paritition is the structure of  pieces that allows to bound the complexity of the diagram and design algorithms to compute it. I also learned more about the site, boundary, voronoi edges, voronoi cells and voronoi vertex. Here you can try to make your own dinosaur skin.

dino skin

Computer Animation – Environment modeling – Modeling grass with parabolas

Today I leaned how pixar make their environment look so realistic. From millions of grass to hairs and other things. In making this, they use parabolic arc. They think that curves are created with the string art construction that are parabolas. Here is the pictures of what I did in this lesson. And also this is the link where you can animate your own grass.

khan 5khan 6khan 7

Computer Programming – How virtual cameras work – June 22, 2017

Today, I learn how virtual camera work in the animation movies. I found out that in Pixar movies, they have a specific camera and lenses that they use for different type of emotions. I also learned a lot about the effect of focal distance of the camera, camera lenses, scene composition and the pinhole on the camera. Its actually a lot of work for just a short scene in a animation movie but at the end you can see the emotions and the great animationskhan 4.PNG that looks so realistic. I had fun learning this today.

khan 3.PNG

Computer Programming – Khan Academy June 21, 2017

Today, I used Khan Academy to learn the basics of computer programming. and this what i have done

khankhan 2

Photoshop – Create A Dream in a Bottle Photo Montage





Photoshop – Turn a photo into a comic art





Keyboarding – ATRT 3 Plus S

As I finished learning all the lessons and the right techniques for typing, I decided to practice to become faster at it. So the program ATRT 3 Plus S helped me.

ATRT 3 Plus S is a program that is all about keyboarding which they have all the things you need for typing. At this program, I didn’t do the lessons because I already learn it at BBC Dance Mat Typing. I use this for typing paragraphs. They can record all your works but I only signed up as a guest so I think that didn’t work. As I can remember, my first few tries were my words per minute is 11-13. I type so slow and maybe because I keep pressing the wrong keys so I need to go back delete it. As days comes by, my words per minute were increasing and it became 15-17. In the past 3 weeks I worked on my typing, I see progress. My latest wpm were 24-25


Keyboarding – BBC Dance Mat Typing

In this second semester I take keyboarding because I want to learn the right techniques in typing. So this is the start of my journey in keyboarding:

I use BBC Dance Mat Typing to learn the right and fast typing. They have 4 levels with different stages. Each stages gets harder and harder because it keep adding new letters to type. I started at the first lesson because I know nothing about keyboarding. The First lesson I learn is about the Home row keys. The Home row keys is in the middle of the keyboard from A to ; . This first lesson also taught me where is the proper positions of the fingers. As I keep passing the levels and stages, it get harder because there is more keys to use. It keep getting complicated because you need to type it with the right fingers. When I finished all the lessons, at first, I type so slowly. Maybe because I get confused where the keys is and I don’t completely remember where they are placed.

bbc dance


I think the copyright law is fair because it protects the rights of the original creator. For a creator of something, he or she have the authority whether they want it share their work for free or other people need to pay for it. In my opinion, it is not fair when people take credit of your own work. Even you put small or big effort on it and some people just copy it without permission. Most things that get easily copy is movies, pictures, songs, and other stuff that is in the computer. Because most of the people nowadays are living through technologies, it is easy to spread things quickly on the internet.


I think the EA website that we use yesterday was a helpful website. It gives a lot lessons about computer like the binary numbers. It taught me how to calculate and find what the binary code for numbers is. Also it teach how to calculate like what the engineers do when they have a project. Therefore per mission, they show some of the jobs that has its descriptions on it. It shows what they do and what they loved about the jobs.

I complete mission 1,2,3,4,5

I find e lesson both easy and hard. Most of it I already learned but there are other ones that long equation and it’s a little hard to solve without a calculator.

I think we should finish the lesson because I want to see the other jobs they show per mission.

Overall, I like the website EA because I enjoyed learning a lot more about computers and jobs.

BLOG #1 – Pink shirt day

My definition of bullying is when someone hurting others intentionally by physically or emotionally. In the 3 video clips that we watched, my favorite was the bird on the wire

In the video Bird on the wire, it’s about group of small birds that are related to each other hanging on the electricity wire enjoying each other’s company. Suddenly a big different type of bird came and wanted to be friends with them. The small birds laugh at big bird and thinks that he is different from them. The bird went to the middle of the group of bird and start singing with them. The wire got heavier and start to sink. The small bird got pissed and push the big bird. Then they tries to take its finger out of the wire and the suddenly the big bird fall and the wire bounce up. All the small birds were push up fast so they lose their feathers. In my opinion, the message is like the golden rule were Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Cyberbullying is bullying someone using electronic communication while bullying is using strength or influence to force someone to do what she or he wants. I think the pink shirt day is a great way to support cyberbullying and to make people remember that bullying is bad.