Final Blog – June 20


My final project is a video game. It’s in 2D platform and it is action shooting type of game. In making this project, I use a software named Gamefroot. In Gamefroot, you have a lot of choices which made my game unique. My first choice in my video game is a 3D type but at that first week, I realize that it is harder than I thought. On the second week of my genius hour project, I searched different types software that are making game and then I found Gamefroot which is 2D game maker. Starting that day, I made my video game project on Gamefroot. In my final presentation, many people tried my game. Some of them got pissed because they keep dying. But I am happy seeing people really trying so hard for a game. I had a small problem on the last part of my project but I fixed it quickly in the library. I would rate my presentation skills 3 out of 5. Because I think I am at the middle. I approach people but I think I could still improve on that. My strengths is where I am comfortable showing my project. I think I can still improve on talking more and inviting more people on my project. I ask some people to play my video game. People reactions a first is excitement. They are excited to try it. But at the end they are kind of angry/pissed because they keep dying and losing. They didn’t had questions about my project. I agree with the statement of Genius hour has taken me further than I thought because it made try new things. My evidence is right now I have my own video game. I think this project went well and it is more than I expect that I can do. Having one block a week is actually a lot of time than I think if you are going to use your time wisely. At this project, I changed a lot of things as my time pass by but the more things I changed, the more learning I get. I think the entire genius hour project is a really good project because you can choose what to learn. What I like the most about Genius Hour is you could choose what you want to worked on and you could express your own ideas. If I had a chance to start over, I wouldn’t change anything on my project. In my opinion, we could improve genius hour by making Monday and Tuesday a genius hour project time.


Blog 14


Over the past week, I worked on the level two of my genius hour project. Currently right now I am working on the lava place which I think it will be the part where it is close to the finish line. It made me feel happy and excited because I am close to finish this project. Yesterday, I didn’t learn something new but I hope in the coming days I learn something I need to learn before I finished this game. The challenges I faced is sometimes the new object I put on the draft doesn’t appear in the actual game but I keep changing and fixing it. Other than that, there is no big failure happened yesterday. In the future, I expect that my game will be fun to play and people will enjoy. Yesterday I keep working on my game and I add a lot of new object to make it more realistic. I am also inspired to do my worked yesterday because I can I imagine what the outcome of this project could be. I think the cause of my project that turn out in this way is when I decided to use this different program named Gamefroot. Gamefroot is really different from play canvas which I used at my first project. Suddenly, Gamefroot change the type of game that I want to make and right now I really love what the outcome of my project.


Blog – #12

Over the past week, I worked on my Genius Hour project. I worked on the level 2 of my game. It made me feel excited to the overall outcome in the future of the game. Yesterday I learned more about coding because I am always having problems with the X and Y axis. The challenges I faced is where sometimes I forget the right layers for the objects. It is a very simple thing and it delays my work for a long time. It’s eating up my time and it makes my work mix up. Yesterday, I think nothing failed. In the future I expect to finish my work on time. Yesterday I learned that you have to also check the small things because if it not in order, it can ruin the whole thing like what happened in the layer order. MY question about yesterday is how a simple layer arrangement can destroy/delay your whole project.


blog 12

Blog – #11

Over the past week, I worked on my Video Game. I worked on the level 2. It made me feel happy because I finished the first level. I also feel confident about the level 2, I think it will be easier to make because of the experience I had in the first one. I learned that I can use all the things that I learned in making the first level like the script, layers, codes and many more. The challenges I faced is where I am thinking about making the level 2. I thought that having level 1 is enough and I might not make the other level because of the time. I overcome these challenges by stepping forward and just do it. I also decide that if I need more time in the future, I will just use my time at home at my computer. Yesterday, nothing failed. In the future, I expect to finish my project on time. Yesterday, while I am doing the level 2, I learned that sometimes you have to take the risk even though you are not sure if you will make it or not. My seatmate Katelynn tried my game and said “One positive thing about this game is that the game is difficult enough and not easy to pass through, which makes the game more fun and exciting. One area for improvement is after the teleporters my character spawned in the floor, and I had to jump out, instead of already being on level ground.”


blog 11.PNG


Blog – #10


Over the past week, I worked on my Genius hour. I am almost finish on my game and the only missing is the sound effects. It made me feel happy and proud because I can see the progress of my work. Yesterday, I learned about coding because I had a problem on my game. The challenges I faced is where the Teleporter in my game is not working properly and it keep going to the other places so I need to change all the codes in that object. I overcome that challenge by spending 30 mins changing codes to make it worked the way I wanted it to work. After many trials, I figure it out and it finally works. So far nothing failed yesterday. In the future I expect that my game will be good. Yesterday, I learned how to be patient in my coding. It’s really frustrating because it took a lot of my time and effort to figure out how to make a single object (teleporter) to work properly. If I could change something in my project, I will change nothing.  As I keep doing my project, great ideas keeps coming and it fits on my game. I like my game how it works right now.



Blog #9

Over the past week, I worked on my video game project. I think my project is 70% percent finish. It made me feel happy and excited to see the finish product of my project in the future. Yesterday, I learned more about coding which I put script on the enemies of the player. The challenges I faced is where the program that I am using keeps stopping and not responding. What I need to do is to refresh it and the latest works that I did will not be save. I overcome these challenges by pressing the save button every minute or every time I put something new. So far nothing failed yet. In the future I expect that my project will be good. I learned a lot yesterday. Like I discover more of coding which is really hard. I also learned more about the program that I am using. They have different layers for each stuff and the stuff will not work if you will put them if you put in the wrong layers. The problem in my Genius hour project is when the program stops responding and I need to do it again.


gamefroot 9

Blog #8


Over the past week I worked on my Genius Hour project. I worked so hard because I need to catch up. It made me feel happy because I think this new video game is better than before. I learned new things like how to make the background stuff move so my game will look more realistic. The challenges I faced is when the website always stops and not responding when I add more features in to it. I don’t know why it’s happening but I what I do is I just save it every minute so all my work will not go into waste. If something failed I think that when the program is not responding and the work that I didn’t save will be gone and I need to do it again. In the future I expect that my video game will be more realistic like most video games. From yesterday I learned new basic things like giving life to the stuff that usually are not moving. I also learned more about coding. As I am working on my own/alone the positive thing about it is you can follow all your ideas. If you want to change something, you can do it anytime. You don’t need others approval for it. Basically, you can do anything and it’s all up to you. The negative about it you working slower than people in groups. But it still depends on your own projects. The other bad thing about working alone is if you run out of ideas you might get stuck while being with others, they can share they own ideas that will keep their projects moving.